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2009-12.12 SatSHOTALEN Release[Category: None]

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I made a Shota style Kagamine Len.


Enjoy! C:

2009-12.11 FriDaughter of Evil MMD Model - Now Available[Category: None]

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I worked hard on it, stayed home from school to work on it- and although it's not perfect, I've made a Daughter of Evil model.


You can find the link in the video's description.
Please pay attention to the rules in the readme file.

I'm now working on a Daughter of Green. Here's a little preview:

DoG Preview

I am giving her different sleeves and adding more accessories; she should be available soon.

2009-12.08 Tue[Category: None]

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Well, started a blog to record my MikuMikuDance and Roboloid progress.. or whatever happens to fly through my mind.

I'll upload model download links here, so keep a watch out. CB